Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday stroll to the Scribner Skyscrapers

Sometime during the days walk I must have forgotten about the count because I traveled the thirteen miles with the wind behind me at a quick pace (for a guy, a dog, and the World spinning along the roadside) because I was able to settle in amongst the Scribner skyline well before dark in stark contrast to the eight mile dawn to past dark from Beemer to West Point. With the help of the guilt ridden "Big Black Truck" who had left his phone at home on Saturday I had a ride waiting for me when I stopped at grain elevator central in Scribner. I am well rested this morning after a night of dreams that had me visiting dozens of friends in my hometown. Perhaps it was the constant drown of the grain elevators that reminded me of the noise of the city that helped me have such good sleep. Perhaps I was exhausted. Today I hear I have less than ten miles to walk to the nearest town. With a good wind it could be easy or at least go fast. It is up to the wind to decide.
It is officially Halloween. I should have brought my gargoyle wings when I left Louisville four months ago. A guy rolling the World along the Nebraska easements will have to be frightening enough. Boo!

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Kimberly B. said...

I saw you when my boyfriend and I were driving to the airport to come back to Pennsylvania! I thought it was the neatest thing-- now even more so because I know what its for. Keep up the good work and good luck!! :)