Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Along the Boardwalk

We'll be walking along the beach front again today. The rain is due to come tonight. The sand is slowly grinding the World down. The paint and patches Will need a good day of maintenance soon. The Gulf coast is looking good and there is certainly lots of beach front property ready to rebuild if you want a great view.
Walk for your health.


Chaotic Kristi said...

I saw a guy and a dog and a globe this morning on my way down Hwy 90 to school in Gulfport... so I searched man+dog+globe+Mississippi and look.. here you are!! Way cool..will follow your travels now that I know what you are about. I am studying to be a dialysis tech... one of the 2 leading causes for kidney failure is diabetes mellitis (the other is hypertension). Awesome way to get awareness!!!

"The Pass" Beach Walker said...

I walk & run every weekday on the beach.I SAW you in my travels today. Thank you for supporting an important cause and for giving awareness to all.
"The Pass" Beach Walker was very glad to meet you and your beautiful dog! Hope you make it over the Bay Bridge!