Saturday, January 12, 2013

To the Beach

From Lillie's we continued against the wind to the beach road, 30A, turning more directly against the eastern wind. The skies were clear but it didn't help with pushing the world. Even with a walking path along the road we were able to match the prior day's distance, if we travelled that far. We were invited to have a bite to eat at the Gulfplace winter resort complex and stayed as their guest in the parking area. I painted some parts of the ball that have worn threadbare after days of rain and mist but a few periods of rain overnight have made the world a blue and green mess. I have wiped of as much as I could of the thinned wet paint before it gets all over me and the dog. I have put on a pair of my older torn pants and a shirt that already has paint on it. Settling down to short days with strong head winds will be the meditation for the day.
Thanks and good morning to the many people who we met yesterday. I hope you.have a pleasant walk today.
Here we go!


Quilts by Grammy said...

Stella the chi with Mom Jen and Dad Giovanni were blessed to have met you along your journey down 30a. We wish you happy trails in the year 2013!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erik for stopping on 30A Saturday morning to allow me to take the photo of you and Nice. Great to meet you and ONWORD by all means!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inspiring me today.
I have told so many people about you and your drive to make people more aware.
Give Nice an extra "pat" for me.