Thursday, March 28, 2013

A force of nature

Nine days ago Nice had the surgery. The first two days he was at the UF Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville. The staff all said he was walking great compared to what they had seen. The day of his release there were a few press and UF photographers. Photo-ops were had by all while awaiting the surgeon, Dr.Hudson, who was performing an emergency surgery. We walked out in front of the hospital. Then back to the consult room with all the representatives of UF, the the reporters, their photographers. With all these people Nice was up and down more than I had ever dreamed he would. On the drive home he must have stood up and sat back down thirty times. When I had driven the nearly ninety miles back to the office he then had to say hello to the girls, lean on them too. For a dog who had his knees sawed in half and screwed back together forty hours earlier he was truly doing great. I was a wreck.
The next few days I got used to the schedule of giving him his pills and walking him for very short walks on flat pavement. I could easily keep him from pulling too hard with only two fingers on the leash.
That ended yesterday when suddenly , he began walking me.
Nice the dog is bouncing back amazingly well. His strength is coming back. When I walk him now I have to hold him back. Even with the medications he is growing more powerful each day.
I have to keep him quiet.

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