Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bright Lights

The circumstances which brought us to stop in this corner of Hernando County may seem dark and stormy,but have also brought many bright lights to this journey. Crossing the road yesterday morning with Nice (the dog) he began to limp badly on his other leg. Suddenly he could hardly walk. In the few feet to the curb his leg muscles tightened an swelled. It was painful to watch when he turned back, on his own, to hobble back to the office. During the rest of the day he moved around the office very little.
When I took him out he walked only to the fence behind the Plaza then returned directly back bouncing painfully from one sore leg to the other. The storm cloud.
I still think the wind and rain, i.e. the elements, drew us here to Spring Hill for more than a momentary shelter from a storm. Of any place to have the dog go lame and need help, we could not have found a better friend than Suzanne at her Central Energy office. After she and Nice met it was obvious he found a new "step" mother and unconditional love from her. She toweled him dry from the storm when we first walked in her door and he has been under her caring wing from that moment on. A Shining light.
We watched Nice lay hurting all morning until she, Nice's "Fairy Godmother", had an idea to call "Uncle Ron", an old friend with magic hands. Ron Mack is an animal loving chiropractor who makes house calls. This chiro-puppy-practor came by the office after his full day of people-practing to pay Nice a visit. With a snap he gave Nice some relief . A chiropractic adjustment loosened the tight muscles enough that Nice was able to walk better and finally do what we were crossing the road that morning to do. Do I have to say it? "Uncle Ron" came again, just now, Saturday morning giving him more therapy. Nice is still sore, but is visibly happier. A shining ray.
I have written before of an AP reporter I had met during our last travels in Florida. We have kept in contact over these last few weeks in anticipation of having a roadside picnic when we got close to the Tampa area. Through her, I have an appointment Monday morning in Gainesville at The College of Veterinary Medicine where we will get a clearer picture of the cause for Nice's discomfort. A break in the dark clouds and a glowing sunrise.

These and many other elements have aligned, have been as bright lights shining, to keep us warm, cared for and safe here in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

Praying that God will keep on opening doors to take care of Nice's & your needs. He' s done a great job so far........Be blessed! :)