Monday, March 11, 2013

One in three hundred million

Saturday afternoon I was sitting outside the office when a man walked up to offer a gift for Nice. His gift, the contents of four booth spaces at the local flea market, had many colorful facets. The man, who wants to remain anonymous, had been reading the local newspaper with and article describing Nice's knees need and noticed the invitation, with the address, to come and visit Nice here at the office. The man was about to vacate the spaces at the flea market where he and his wife had traded for years. Rather than clear the space , store it's contents, he and his wife decided while having their breakfast to give it all away to benefit Nice (the dog). He talked to the management of the market, who waived the rental fees, then came to make the offer to me. He said if I was willing to man the booth and sell all I could, we could then auction whatever was remaining as a "lot" to anyone who wrote their price on a piece of paper, a sort of sealed bid. I accepted the offer and we agreed to meet at the Flea market Sunday morning.
He stayed with me all day enjoying watching those who took advantage and people who gave a fair price. I taped a sign on the world asking to "name your price". I was amazed at how people couldn't believe it and would walk away rather than offer a dollar for a twenty dollar piece. No one bid on the remaining inventory at the end of the day. I had several boxes filled with glassware and trinkets to take with me when we cleared the space. Because of this generous gift Nice is five hundred dollars closer toward the cost of his surgery .

In this world of variety, one look in this giving mans eyes, of brown with a bright blue border, I could see he was one in three hundred million.

To help with Nice's surgery cost contact:
UF Small Animal Hospital, Amanda McCarthy (352)294-4633. She can assist with credit/debit transactions.

Checks for" Nice Bendl" by mail:
FVMFA (Florida Veterinary Medical Faculty Association)
Attn. :Amanda McCarthy
P.O.Box 100101,Gainesville FL, 32610

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