Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nice goes in for surgery.

Before the sun rose we were in the parking lot at the hospital to check Nice in for his knee surgery. When we approached the door he cowered but once in the door he was happy to see the friends he had made during his first visit. After the final consult with doctors and staff I led Nice into the back room. Everyone has assured me he will be alright and will call both when he goes into surgery and when he comes out. It may be tomorrow evening at the earliest, likely it could be Thursday before he is released .
I have inflated the world in the parking lot, glued a few edges back down, put on my essential walking gear and big boy hat and plan on walking away my anxiety around the campus area of Gainesville . It has just now rained, I am in the lobby waiting for the Sun to arrive, The Gainesville Sun, that is. Something to keep my mind off the looming cloud.

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