Sunday, March 17, 2013

"I Love my cat."

Next to the office is an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe where many retired folks come to while-away their time. Outside the door are a few plastic chairs. I was walking Nice (the dog) when a man who was sitting there asked if I was from Australia because of my brown dog and wide brimmed hat. I responded with a "no" and told him I got the hat in Lufkin Texas and Nice (the dog) was a dog, not a "dingo". This sent the jolly, round old man into telling me his life story. He was originally from Cambridge Mass. had lived in Texas for four years while stationed in the Air Force. He reviewed his thirty year career, his years coordinating events along Route-66 for Loretta Lynn, his three night R&R from Vietnam in Australia and his cat. I stood listening for twenty minutes silent as he looked back in time.
He told me his one regret in life.
A lesson he learned from his cat. He wished he could call his deceased brother and sisters, especially his mother, and tell them everyday, "I love you", as many times as he says it to his cat.

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