Monday, March 4, 2013

The Diagnosis

Nice needs surgery on both his knees. We need help to raise the funds. Initially we need $2400. Follow up ex rays, etc, will be $1000 more. We have had a long day. I have to drive back to Spring Hill now. I should eat something. For now if anyone wants to help use the donate button here on this site.


Suzanne Nugent Kidder said...

Erik, If everyone in the FAN CLUB would just Chip In $5.00---we could have that surgury done this week and Nice wouldn't be in pain and he could be back on his feet in no time! So, I challage each of you, if it's in your Heart to step forward and help Nice and Erik, you are "Paying it Forward."
we can't let the little guy suffer.....and he is in pain. It breaks my heart to see his eyes in pain. So, please....Meet the challange and use the Donate links on the top of the page. Nice needs each and every one of you.
His recuperation time will be about 60 -90 days, and they will both be safe here in Spring Hill.

You can always donate by mail:
WorldGuy Foundation Inc.
132 Commercial Way
Spring Hill, Florida 34606

Let's just make this happen!

CH said...

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