Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calling "All hands" for Nice

The doctor explained to me that when dogs who have one knee go bad, the other will tear eventually. An active dog, or a "couch' dog are just as likely to have this disease of the knee. Because Nice has walked as much as he has may have kept the ligament from tearing but it would have eventually happened. I am not certain when the left knee was torn. It could have been when he jumped out of the back of the bed of a pickup truck, over my head, onto hard pavement. I do know when his right legs ligament tore, he was walking across the road. I am writing this to convince myself and to inform anyone who may read this, his knees were going to develop this condition whether I walked him all day or left him behind closed doors like most dogs. The doctor explained the operation, the risks, the care during recovery, the costs. With the helping hands of Nice's friends around the world this can happen. Without help...

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