Saturday, March 30, 2013

The World Outside

I had the world tied to the bench in front of the office for two days before I couldn't resist the the call for a short adventure.
The girls watched Nice (the dog) while I took the world for a walk up the sidewalk to the grocery store and bought a few supplies. Yes, I could have driven the van. It was less than four miles there and back. Rolling with the world, sailing the sidewalks, the wind dictating the pace keeps my mind away from my little aches and sprains. Though it takes much more effort I always feel better with the world in tow than a simple solo stroll.
The short journey had more to offer than a walk to the store. During the walk there, a man walked across the five lane to ask my story and get a photograph. After shopping I came out from the grocery and was putting the items in my backpack when a small old man ( older than me ) walked up to shake my hand and tell me he knew about my cause. He appreciated the importance of being active to prevent , control or reverse the disease. He told me his two daughters were nurses in Tennessee, that diabetes and obesity was rampant there. We were talking about how so many children don't exercise, seem to sit around playing video games and don't know what a sidewalk is for. (exaggeration ) Then another man came up. He hadn't heard the story but had been diagnosed with diabetes just two weeks earlier. The old man and I gave him some encouragement to get active and change his diet. The old man shared that he had struggled in his life with obesity but at eighty years of age he was now trim and healthy. On my return trip to the office I met a few others who wanted to hear the story. One man called out as he stopped at an intersection asking how the dog was doing. He had read about Nice in the news and seen the television coverage. He said his dog had the same surgery on one knee, then the other knee went bad while the first was healing. Something the doctor had told me almost always happens eventually; where one knee goes, the other will sooner or later follow. I felt assured having the double knee operation for Nice was a good decision.
I felt much better upon my return. I had not used any gas, got to enjoy some good conversation and may have helped to motivate a man who seemed resigned to take his medication without altering his habits to possibly turn the tide.
The whole world is outside your door, enjoy it. Take the first steps, love yourself, start a personal movement, walk.

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GizmoGeodog said...

The weather has been beautiful this week and it's so nice to get outside