Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parking lot zen

The wind has blown all day across this parking lot. The inside corner where the office sits helps create sand, oak leaf and cigarette butt tornadoes . Early this morning I swept the area outside the door and one parking space. When I had swept the last dustpan from the parking spot into the box I turned around to find a plastic straw had blown by my feet and leaves were tumbling toward my freshly clean area. After sweeping clear both these spots it was easier to wait by the side of the swirling air edie for the cigarette ends to come to me instead of chasing them around. I gathered twenty pounds of sand and debris and put it in the dumpster. When I returned from the rear of the building a man had parked his car in the space I had just lovingly swept and a three foot high whirl wind had a thousand leaves dancing and clacking between me and the office door. I could go out now, as it grows dark, and collect another few pounds from the areas I swept clean this morning.
Futility, exercise or meditation?


Anonymous said...

Your sooooo bored...sorry! It'll get better! L&H's

Barbara Young said...

Frustating, I'm sure! You must wait for the calm days to do your sweeping. lol