Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hopeful and Helpless

The most important thing is to help Nice (the dog) now. $900 was raised by Friday at noon after just three days. Many people are beginning to post on social medias calling for assistance, contacting news organizations. talking to people they know for ideas and avenues to help. The doctor stressed to me that time is very important. Perform the surgery within weeks to ensure the joint doesn't become worse causing more complications. With help from the growing number of good people I am filled with confidence and hope Nice will have the operation in time and have the best recovery possible.

I feel helpless and hopeful. Helpless because I don't have the luxury of time to earn the money myself. As a carpenter I have the experience to build almost anything , of brick and mortar. Building a campaign to help my companion within a few weeks, reaching out for help, is not a tool, well polished, in my tool box. (That tool box is a thousand miles away in Kentucky.) Learning to ask for help I feel like a fish that has just been dropped in a new aquarium. It may be filled with water, warm, nurturing and safe but I have to get past the shock, the fear, and learn how to swim quickly. With all the help from other fish in this planet-sized bowl I am more than hopeful we can help Nice through his time of need.

To help with Nice's surgery cost contact:
UF Small Animal Hospital, Amanda McCarthy (352)294-4633. She can assist with credit/debit transactions.

Checks for" Nice Bendl" by mail:
FVMFA (Florida Veterinary Medical Faculty Association)
Attn. :Amanda McCarthy
P.O.Box 100101,Gainesville FL, 32610

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