Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Fortunate Fall

My foot slipped off the wet curb as I was stepping up on the sidewalk, causing me to stumble and fall. Using the two weeks of Judo instruction from when I was twelve, I rolled to absorb the impact. The momentum sent me into the wood wrapped downspout as I was rolling to a stop on my side. I felt and heard a snap and pop in my lower back at the spot I have been having such trouble with. Somehow I had fallen at the perfect angle and force to make the adjustment the chiropractor couldn't. I have been twisted pinched and tightening for over a month, this perfect adjustment by a 2'\8' board did hurt, but might have been just what I needed. If I can keep from, slipping, falling, dragging a pack of beasts across a parking lot. It may have been quite the fortunate fall.

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Barbara Young said...

Erik, this sounds like what happened to my father in law. He suffered severe headaches after falling from a roof, breaking half his body. For years he suffered. One night he fell entering a doorway and the fall loosened what the Dr could not. Never another headache as long as he lived.