Monday, June 24, 2013


As the pavement quickly turned to an asphalt stove I received a call on my cell-phone. A Tampa reporter had heard of us and asked to come to us for an interview.
Needing to quickly get out of the sun, for the dog's sake, I looked across the road to the church. It had a welcome carport by the church office door. The reporter said she could be there in forty minutes so I asked her to meet me on the church grounds.
I crossed the road and rang the doorbell/speaker. I explained my self to the voice inside. She thanked me for letting her know why a man, his dog and a six foot world was outside.
There is always something around to reinforce faith, whatever label you place on it. Sometimes a look around is all it takes.
That's enough of that airy fairy mumbo' jumbo' outta' me for today.


Anonymous said...

I rode by you and Nice on my bicycle that morning shortly before you took this photo. I said God Bless and carried on my way to work, I began to google and found your blog. You're an outstanding human being which the world desperately needs more of. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Without would be alot harder....