Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Moon Fever

It was a day where I felt like a magnet. Everyone I met, though only a few because of the extreme heat of the day, was diabetic or had lost a family member to the disease. I sat on a shaded bench when a woman came to ask if I was homeless, she wanted to help. She shared that her mother had been diabetic over forty years and had recently shocked her physician, who had to decrease her medications because she had changed to a health diet and lost weight. She didn't do it alone. Her daughter, the woman I was speaking with, helped her make the change.
Several men approached to ask what I was doing then walked away fighting back tears after thanking me for bringing attention to this worldwide trend. They had lost parents to diabetes.
There was the woman who brought us water, was diabetic, and had lost her mother to to the same disease. We were taking in some shade and because there was no place to pull off the sidewalk lined road she walked an eighth of a mile to get to us, thankful for the reminder to be active daily. She gave us a ride to fetch the van at the end of the hot day of walking.
I have spent the past months, while Nice (the dog) healed from his surgery, dredging up stories of my journeys. I forgot the heartache and pain I meet everyday in the people I talk to of their struggle and loss due to diabetes.
I walk so I won't suffer the same fate as my Mother and Grandmother, my Uncle and Brother-in-law, teachers and childhood friends.
I awoke at four a.m. soaked from sweat.
The largest full moon in recent history hung in the sky.
Just a few more miles to this journey's end. Then another fever will infect me. I will soon forget the hardships and step out again...


david said...

Hey world man I just met you my name is David I work at the 711 you stopped at in Oldsmar I really appreciate what your doing. Both my grandparents and my mother have diabetes. Sharing that moment with you was awesome with the largest moon ever. I wish you all the luck with your walk. And God bless you for doing this

Unknown said...

Good morning world guy, I just wanted to let you know as I was heading to work this morning you and Nice passed in front of my van on Hillsborough Ave and I was so curious that I just had to look you up. You are doing a great thing and I have shared your page with all of my Facebook page. Thank you for all you do!