Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Last Day

Nice (the dog) went for his final examination at UF Small Animal Hospital and the doctor gave him a clear bill of health. His bones have healed/bonded very well. Caleb Hudson, his surgeon, showed me the images from after the operation compared to today. He said Nice has built as much bone as many dogs do at six months. Three months after the surgery, Nice still has good muscle mass and has gained ample weight to build back quickly. Nice is to eat less and exercise more, building back to "normal". That is good for both of us. Without further...pause, we can finish the walk to Tampa. It was Caleb's last day at UF, he was on his final rounds before his "going away party" to a large private hospital in Houston, Texas. It's as though our timing was perfect, to have Caleb at the top of his game. Not only a fine surgeon and lecturer, a wonderful man.

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