Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Daily Event...

Back at the plaza in Spring Hill the girls were happy to see us, especially Nice (the dog. They told me that they knew we would be back, but expected to see us early in the morning,
We had passed into Tampa Metro the previous day.
Our goal met, they knew it was a matter of time before we came back to what has been our home during the past four months.
They joked with me about returning to the daily events of the plaza, to the Florida version of the popular song "Hotel California"..."you can check out, but you can never leave."
We all watched the sunset before the girls left the plaza for home.
As darkness fell over the sky I sat alone and watched a rhino-beatle stuck in the inside corner of the building. Over and over it would attempt to climb and fall on it's back then struggle to right itself.
Then I heard the squirrel who had gotten itself stuck inside the mansard roof overhang weeks ago to escape a hard rain. He barked a desperate call to me from a hole in the metal ceiling over my head.
It was only a matter of time...

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