Saturday, June 8, 2013

Putting it on the line.

After weeks of not being able to walk across the parking lot I have some excess energy. When I came here and knew I would have time to do something while Nice (the dog) recovered from knee surgery, I offered to help spruce up the plaza. It took three and a half months after my offer to paint the plaza, free of charge, before the moody property manager would bring me paint. During the passage of months I had realized my time would be better spent in other pursuits, like recalling my journeys and putting them down on lines of paper. Offering to paint, to pass the time, was another of my crafty means to keep myself from writing. As these things happen, he brought paint for the curbing and parking space lines when I could not do what I had offered to when I arrived in February. Unable to bend or kneel and finally getting into the writing, having the material only added to my frustration. Luckily it then rained all week, giving me time I needed to heal. Now the rain has ended for awhile and I have distraction from putting it on the line.

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