Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big Frank

Some people leave a lasting impression.
After taking a shower in Frank's house I went thru a box of his shoes. He was the type to wear one pair of shoes until they fell apart. The box was filled with new, unworn shoes he had collected from thrift stores. He had worn out his last pair. Big Frank's dying wish was that his friend take care of his old dog and his possessions after he passed. What his friend could not use, he was asked to find someone who could use them. Big Frank had been gone for some time. His friend had the house almost clear, except for the box of shoes. Big Frank's shoes were my size, though I can't take much with me, to honor his wishes I kept a pair and have walked many miles in Big Frank's shoes.
I think I need more input. Really... I am talking about Big Frank's shoes again...
Wednesday we go back up to Gainesville for Nice's final appointment. Hopefully the ex rays will show he is ready to get his walking papers.

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