Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turning my back

Nice (the dog) had healed enough to begin longer daily walks, then I suddenly couldn't walk at all. I have had back pain since I was a child, but never has it been so severe; where my muscles lock up, from my hip to my toes and my leg goes numb. My challenge is to find some positive to being a guy advocating walking who can not walk to the corner. If I keep with the "airy fairy, pixie dust" philosophy of "everything happens for a reason"; my inability, hopefully temporary, to walk any distance should be a welcome opportunity. Nice will have more time for his tendons and muscles to heal while I use this time to recover some feeling... Unbury years of feelings and reflect on my past, write on paper my perspective on how a schoolyard toy has changed my "world" for the better. Life has handed me a package I may not want to open. It seems there is no return delivery, this parcel I must accept.
For years I have been turning my back from the urgings of friends and family to write of where I have been and what I think I have learned. My doubt overrides encouragement. Unsure that my musings of a thousand vignettes will inspire anyone to take the first step after reading and go walking. That I can blend all the varied ingredients, make a soup that is palatable, even enjoyable and simmer it down to something good. That sharing my stumbles over stepping stones, seeing signs that I sometimes read, crossing bridges and great divides; will warrant anyone turning a page. I should not turn my back to a thousand voices and put into words how I came to love myself by walking.
They all can't be wrong.
I have taken the first steps, I need to keep the ball rolling, while I stay off my feet and keep moving forward.

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Barbara Young said...

Please do write a book. I would love to read about your travels and the people you met along the way. How and why you got started, may inspire someone else to do something they have thought of.
How has it changed your life? What you do is not exactly the "norm" for most people, but many think they would like to try.
More folks are following your blog than you probably think.