Thursday, June 13, 2013

Four months, reflections.

When we first arrived at the plaza I was maintaining a weight that I hadn't for twenty years. I liked the reflection of myself in the mirror. During these months I have looked at old pictures, years of me on my walks. I was surprised at how big I looked. I, vainly, could not believe that I had put myself in a situation where I would have my picture taken, or interviewed on video, being so overweight. As I scrolled forward through the years, the images became less embarrassing.
The pictures from the last year showed me the fruits of walking, I wasn't aghast at the man I saw. A smaller belly and more defined features were not altogether displeasing to my ego. I was headed in the right direction, toward a healthy weight. I felt great. Through walking and eating better I was beginning to like my reflection again. I like the man I saw in the plaza glass February, 13th.
Looking at myself today, on reflection, I am not happy with what I see. When I first came I couldn't walk, like I need to, because of the dog. I gained a few pounds but was holding steady. During the past several weeks I couldn't walk because of my own ailments. We have walked less in the past four months than anytime since Nice (the dog) was Nice (the puppy). I haven't been able to walk off, or resist, the four months of comfort food, birthday cupcakes and treats shared with my four legged companion. My reflection in the glass has added insult to injury. I have again become the fluffy fellow I once knew. The fellow I was embarrassed to see on film is looking back at me.

This will not do...
Now I remember one of the reasons I walk.
However embarrassed I am, I have to keep walking.

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Barbara Young said...

It's a never ending battle, but you will "walk again" and things will get better! You inspire many, even during this down time.