Friday, August 23, 2013

At US 22-3 and Zoar

Nice (the dog) flops down at a shaded spot under a tree just past the intersection. We had not been out of our last shade for more than the length of a football field. It had been misty and overcast this morning. I knew his titanium plates must have been piercing. When weather fronts are moving in and when they move out is when my bones ache the most from all my injuries. I let him stop when he wants, most of the time.
I was listening to classical on my radio and taking in the blue sky peppered with big fluffy clouds when a man called from his car. He had just stopped for the red light. He asked what I was doing.
I was able to clearly tell him of my travels over these six years, my mother and uncle who are diabetic, my reason for beginning these walks. I explained how the message has refined from what it was to a simple message to walk. He drove off as the light turned green holding up a thumb and giving a positive nod with his head.
I could have talked to someone when I began these walks six years past for an hour and may not have put all those points down so clearly.
Someone once said, " if you can't write it on a 3/5 card you're saying too much.
Soaring in the shade at Zoar. Now I must get to Morrow...


Unknown said...

I just saw you in between where you stopped and the highschool. I saw the website so I checked Your doing great work and I really appreciate it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I saw you today August 23rd 2013 you were in Morrow Ohio by the wolf market the light was green but I didn't care I saw you on the side of the road with your giant inflatable earth Tiffany and I were very curious of what you're doing the light was still green but I still didn't care I slow down and asked whats the world for you told me to get your attention and I said well it worked the light was still green and I still didn't care a lot there was a line of cars behind me you told me that you were walking for diabetes to Pennsylvania I told you that's what my dad has passed from that I really appreciated what you were doing.... so I just wanted to thank you again thank you so much! MARY WILLIAMS

Rebecca said...

Erik & Nice(The Dog),I just want to say Thank You for Thursday lunch. Though I'm feeling disappointed in myself after our brief conversation and a lot of thought I did learned much from you. I learned to push forward and not to look back so much. Stick to it. I told you I had run/walk marathons, but what I didn't tell you is I had to stop. I got sick, I lost too much weight and more than that I lost my will. But then you said, "just walk" and not knowing this was my story. And I thought that is why I stopped to talk to you. I knew now and I and worried that I was holding you up from your journey and your mission, after all I had the answer to the question I ask myself as I passed you. And as I told you I was going to an appointment. An appointment to have my blood sugar checked. It was as I was on my way back when I saw you again Erik, Nice(The Dog) and The World headed down the same road. Well as you know I stopped as many do and ask you why you walk with the world. And you told me in a few words. As I ask a few more questions I thought to ask you to lunch. It was there you gave me my moment.So I thought I should stop talking and let you move on. It was a joy to spend the time we spent talking I only wish I had done it right. You passed my home later that day, maybe 5 miles down the road from where we had lunch. The disappointment came first in myself when your message and then later as evening came when I thought to myself why didn't I ask for a proper dinner and nice place to stay for the night because that is more me than a lunch at Subway. But if you remember I said no regrets. And I live by that. Again Thank You ever so much for the time we spent, Rebecca

melissa said...

I took a picture of your world, and dog out side of Panera/ Starbucks on Montgomery rd north of Cincinnati.
Was looking for a place to upload pictures for you!