Thursday, August 8, 2013

Late start, quick update

We had left from the old junkyard late in the morning. I thought we both were sore but Nice (the dog) began bouncing and pulling in the leash. His enthusiasm lasted for a quarter of a mile before he settled down to walking. The heat and humidity had me sweating so much my clothes were soaked quickly. Just before we made it the four or five miles to New Washington a woman with her grand-daughter stopped for a picture and conversation. She offered to take Nice the last half of a mile into town. I let her take him, and my backpack while I traversed the last hill to the Four Quarters Store on the corner of Main Street. I was given a ride to fetch the van and soon met the owner of the store who was happy to show me where I could park the van to take advantage of the shade that the one tree provided. I spent the rest of the hot and muggy day resting and talking to the townspeople who all patronize the small farm town's only store (aside from the Dollar Store) and place to congregate . I sweat most of the night. It finally cooled down enough about two in the morning to sleep without laying in a pool of sweat.
Determined to get to the next town I left at an early hour. Again hot and humid, my clothes soaked , I rolled through tall grass when the traffic was heavy. When the grass was too tall I rested as the trucks and cars passed. Three miles outside of Hanover I stopped and waited for the rush hour traffic for a out an hour. We were not wanting for water or conversation. Many stopped or came out with water and treats for the dog.
I want to write more, however, the sun has come out , the clouds have cleared and the day is going to be hot again. I have rested from our longest. walk since February.13 miles. I think I worked harder yesterday than any farmer in the county. at least I sweat more.
Forgive my poor writing.
Remember to walk each day, for you health.


Keeley said...

We saw you the other day in Hanover IN area. So cool! I will try upload my picture for ya!

Anonymous said...

Where did u start from? Whats your goal that u are setting to do. I passed u wednesday morning about 930the a.m. Of course i was wondering " what's that guy and his dog doing. Hope u have a safe journey where ever u are going. God bless u.