Thursday, August 8, 2013

One in a million

While having a rest under some shade I will tell a tale from yesterday.
We were walking along the easement of a well groomed lawn out amongst the fields of beens and corn of Indiana when two large bull mastiffs came barking and charging across the acres of yard from the distant house. I heard someone yelling and thought it was the owner calling the dogs back to the house. The two were oblivious to the owner's calls. Still at a full run as they came near, I whirled the world between us and them, which stopped them, but now I had two confused barking mastiffs and a man cursing as he was running across the three acre overgroomed lawn. Then I realized the owner was not yelling at the dogs, he was cursing me. The man had issues with us walking in front of his property. After a string of curses and threats of bodily harm for being on his property I pointed out that I was on the easement, technically not his yard. This only enraged the man more, he continued his threats. I suggested I could cross to the other side of the road so his dogs could follow and get hit by the Mack truck that was bearing down a few hundred feet away. While he continued his insults and threats I rolled quickly to the far side of the highway and called for his females to follow leaving him the choice to get his dogs back to the house or continue onto the roadway to follow thru with his plan to add character to my scull. Luckily for the dogs he chose to call out a few more aspersions to my character and took his dogs back to the house.
This morning a young woman came to me with her two young children smiling and said that yesterday I made her day "a living hell". She works for the county police dispatch and had fielded calls all day about our being on the road. She told me the officers on duty were having a great time joking about the world man all day. I asked if she got a call from one particular man who was highly irate, and the approximate address of the caller. She said she remembered him. The comments she remembered were the same he had said to me (without the curses). When I asked if he had mentioned his bull mastiffs running at me, he did not.
The man was one in a million.

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Tristan said...

We did turned around today so my little one coud see you and wave from the backseat :)