Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trying too hard to write

I have been trying to write about the two hot days it took to get to Versailles from Madison.
The first night I stayed in a church parking area, amidst corn fields and farms. The second, we walked from five in the morning until five in the evening, walking fifteen miles in the sun. We had plenty of water but still I suffered from from heat exhaustion to get into Versailles. Yesterday we walked just a few miles to the campground of the state park at the edge of town and we were able to rest, recover. "r ah and r ah ". There I struggled to write in detail about the people and experiences of the weekend journey, but felt the whole post was dry and disconnected. I guess the heat took a toll.
Being preoccupied with the poison ivy that has covered my feet, from the sock line down, due to the heavy sweating.
The weather is supposed to be somewhat cooler today and having the day to let the rash dry out some should help.
I feel I have to write more of the many encounters I have had with diabetics and their family members. So many. I am almost overwhelmed at the number.
All who take care of themselves walk or exercise daily. Those who do not, suffer.
I am going to be selfish today.
I am going to show myself some love and go for a walk.

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