Thursday, August 29, 2013

The second time around

The first time I went over the little Miami bridge a man took Nice (the dog), my backpack and followed me down the half mile approach to the long two lane bridge. There was no side to speak of, the road going down to the bridge was cut out of the hillside. There was a long line of cars before I made it to the bridge. When I finally got to the far side I saw the long line I had created as they roared by.
It then began to pour down rain. The man who had Nice in the car kept him and waited for me to get to the top of the steep, narrow and curved road to the top of the river bluff. The rain was heavy, cold and didn't let up until I was most of the was out of the valley. It was rush hour. the road was a constant flow of cars.The only room I had was on the narrow ditch. The rainwater rushing down the hillside flowed above my ankles as I trudged up, pushing the world atop the stream. When the rain subsided I was soaked, soar and exhausted. I had ran from one side of the valley to the other and felt as though I had fought a battle.
This time, in 2013, I got to the top of the valley around the same time of day. Two women came from their office and during our conversation they told me of the old bridge and road to bypass the busy, dangerous two lane. I was going to walk around this time. Whatever it took to avoid a similar situation as the last time, I was willing to do.
When I got to the intersection where the old road "horseshoed" down and back around to the other side, a man with a truck called me over to talk. He was returning a power tool to the equipment rental business there. He had seen me three times that day.
It had begun to rain.
I asked if he would be willing to ride me an the world safely over the bridge. I told him of my last adventure over this river . With the rain getting more steady and thunder in wind, I was in no mood for a repeat. He was glad to do it and even had a strap to hold the world by it's lacings. All I had to do was hold onto my hat. Once across the bridge the man insisted on taking me out of the valley. The traffic was heavy and constant again. It was still raining.
I put pride aside and took the safe way out. I accepted the ride.
I was a little wet when I got to the corner store, but not exhausted and soaked through like I was six years ago.

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