Monday, August 5, 2013

Glad to be

I have met so many interesting people in the few days since I left. Two of the most memorable where women who had made good changes for their health. One had just been notified by her doctor she no longer needed to take medications for her diabetic condition because she had changed her diet and walked to work everyday instead of driving. A simple things that over time showed results.
A woman was talking with me about her mother who was suffering because she did not take care with her diabetes. Then she told me she knew it could be helped. She knew from personal experience. She had once weighed four hundred pounds and now was well under half that weight. She said it took a lot of walking and healthy diet but it could be done.
I am excited to be back on the path.
Like a child in his first week back from summer-break who is glad to be back at school.

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