Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quite at Home

I know I've been quiet when I have been back home in Louisville. We returned at the beginning of July. We have been healing at a pre-Civil War era home in the old outskirts of the county; an area called Fern Creek.
My dear friends have let me stay with them. They love Nice (the dog) and he loves them. After I returned from Florida my injuries compounded and I could hardly walk.
After many visits to the chiropractor Dr. Fred has adjusted my spine and rehabbed the pinched nerve.
When he fooled all the muscles in both legs to loosen, they ached bruise-like for days. Now, by walking, I am building back strength. The nerve is still regaining circulation, the muscles have atrophied after being so tense for months.
Most of the sensation has returned to my leg and foot. Doc says it will be several months, nerves heal slowly.
In a way it is good that I have to rehabilitate myself. I won't push Nice (the dog) too fast. He is still recovering his strength and endurance after his double knee surgery in March.
Dr. Fred wanted to see me one more time this Saturday before we left for our next adventure.
This walk is to my roots, so why not begin where I am quite at home?
Since I am staying so far out of town I have begun by walking to The Highlands Neighborhood and the area where I first ventured from my yard with the world back in the last century.
The first day we walked

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