Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Going back

I will now attempt a quick update.
Last Monday I had walked all night from eight miles outside of downtown Cincinnati , through downtown and "over the Rhine"(as the locals call it), all night to the edge of Norwood.
At a bus stop bench I had rested for an hour and dozed for five minutes before walking the last mile to the foot of Norwood and the first rays of daybreak.
During the night the two paths had joined. That of six years past and this walk. Both to Pittsburg. The first time I walked from Louisville by walking along the Kentucky side of the river. This time I had walked the northern side of the Ohio River thru Indiana to "The Queen's City".
When those paths met I began reeling with memories of people, places, my thoughts and moments from the first walk.
Though extremely tired, I was able to push the world up the first steep hill much better than before. I attribute it to my relaxed state of mind. I was in no rush,
Forcing the world to do my bidding has long since passed. Gravity, angle of approach, wind are all key to keeping the world in motion. Patience, and calm...
There I go straying off the subject...
I walked to a shaded spot by a large church grounds. A woman who worked at the dental office on the corner came and talked to me. She had heard of us from the media coverage. I asked if she knew of a spot where I could park the van. With their permission I was given a place to park.
I called the two numbers of people I had met the previous day, but got no answer. I did exchange text messages with one man who said he would pick me up after he left work. It was still early in the morning, so I opted to keep moving. I was confident all would work out somehow.. I walked up and down hills to the edge of Pleasant Ridge. A woman stopped in her car, we talked from opposite sides of the road. It turns out she was willing to give me a ride back thru town to my van. I was in a residential section with houses intermingled with apartment housing. With no place to keep the world, we pulled the plug on the world. It took awhile to get it "balled up" but we soon had the world in her back seat. She picked up her daughter-in-law too. She rode sitting next to the world. Nice lay on top of the world and got attention all the way back to the van.
There, the couple I had met the previous day, who helped shuttle the van to their door on Sunday. Were home and offered for me to shower. After the shower, withNice (the dog) fast asleep on their couch I went to the laundry and washed my clothes and blankets and stopped by the hardware store for some world supplies. When I returned they offered for me to rest on the couch and have a nap. I quickly fell asleep. After a few hours I awoke.
I then drove thru Cincy, overReading Hill and The Rhine to a few blocks from where I had deflated the world in Pleasant Ridge and asked to park by the restaurant where, six years ago I had been called in for a meal. That is where I slept and left from on Tuesday morning.

That is all the update I can muster now.
Today I walked from Wilmington to Sabina.
My posts are going to be jumping back and forth.
I have a lot of energy during the day but when I settle in for the evenings getting it on paper is a challenge. I am usually worn out.

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