Monday, August 19, 2013

Secrets and Surprise

When Nice (the dog) and I ventured out the first time across a state line it was into Cincinnati.
We walked, rolling the World, from Louisville, KY to Pittsburg, PA. to bring attention to diabetics that, with proper care and control, a diabetic can survive to "old age" and be a part of their families life.
I used my Mother and Uncle as my comparison and example.
My Uncle, a long time diabetic, was about to celebrate his eightieth birthday in 2007.
Twenty years earlier my Mother died from diabetes, at the age of fifty four.
There was to be a surprise eightieth birthday party for my Uncle. My goal was to walk to Pittsburg, the area where he lives and our family came from.
Since that walk we have been on many more adventures, traveled thousands of miles, in forty states.
During these six years I have learned more about diabetes prevention and control from the thousands of people I have met and contacted along the way. I have learned much about the world, people and work to learn about myself. The message has expanded to all of us, we all should walk and be active to prevent and control diabetes.
I have been surprised at the things I have noticed about myself, and the world that the journey has given me. The chaos has become calm. Pride and matters of ego have lost importance in the process. Finding temperance in hardship and difficult times where I had once fell victim more to bitterness and blame. The secrets revealed to me of myself are better than gold.
I know there is much I have passed over in my rush to this goal or that. Many opportunities for connection I have hurried or fell short in my zeal to reach a destination.
On this, our tenth walk, I am walking to Pittsburg again. This time I am going to enjoy as much as I can, to be consistent and balanced like my Uncle. To take the time to notice what I was unable to slow enough to see when this began six years ago.
My Uncle has reached the age of eighty six. It is people like him, and possibly you (the reader), who manage a healthy, long life. I want to honor him still, by walking to see him again. There is now no surprise party planned, no record or timetable to achieve.
This time I hope to give something more than I did the first walk, when completing the distant goal was more important than each step, each thread and stitch between the hems.


Andrew Freeman said...

I said hello to you when you passed through Norwood up Montgomery Road (august 19th 2013) here in Cincinnati, such a wonderful cause. Best of luck to you and your adventures! Give nice a pat on the head for me!

Drew F.
Cincinnati Ohio

mom said...

I saw you today. You walked past my restaurant on Montgomery road in SYMMES Township. Good luck on your walk!!