Sunday, October 30, 2011


The sun rises later each day, the days are getting shorter and these blankets are toasty warm. I should get up and continue. After all, a body in motion stays in motion and the World stops for no man, or dog. Unless you get up on your own to work those old bones it just gets later.


Anonymous said...

As my children and I left Beemer today and traveled towards West point, and onto Scribner, we saw you with your globe. This opened a fury of guesses as to what you were doing. When we got home to Fremont, ne, we immediately looked up the website. I explained to my kids that sometimes it takes a lot to get people to notice things for more than 5 seconds, and to actually think about it. Thank you for your humble message, as I lost my grandfather to diabetic complications

taraist.tea said...

it was great to meet you, your dog, and the world on our trip back to norfolk. we were three girls in a golden suburban that stopped and said hi on sunday. i love what you are doing! keep it up!