Monday, October 3, 2011

Southern stroll

I'm beginning the days walk very late. Wind strong from the South. Walking South. Yes, I walked against it yesterday and am worn, torn, tired. Twice as strong as yesterday here on the ridge of the continental divide. We walk slow in the South. A man stopped and when he heard how far I have walked in these winds he said that I must have a lot of patience. Yup',Southern, slow walkin' patience. Pack? High and tight. Boots? Stiff and new. Water? Logged. Dog? By my side. One step at a time.
Y'all have a good 'un. See you by the Summit.

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ChefMac said...

Hello I waved at you yesterday Oct 2 Sunday,,,,I should have stopped and said Hello,,,,,,You were just passing Big Stone Lake and Hartford Beach State Park
Pretty cool,,,keep up the good work and be safe out there,,,,,,,,,God Speed!!!!!!