Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday along the Rivertown

From Cleves we left late in the morning ,at ten. At one mile per hour we came to Addyston's Main Street that is parallel with the River Road.We were almost four hours in traversing the one mile length of the small township. We first met Jim" the rock splitter". He was visiting George" the metal man" who was tinkering in his shop. They had built large walls behind the hillside property from stones they scavenged from large construction sights. Jim shuttled me back to the van.Then We talked in George's shop until the heat of the day had passed. Leaving them at Stoneking and Main, it still took us quite awhile to get to the far end of town. We met the mayor and police officer. Half of the town came out. I met a woman who I had talked with while we in Homasasa Florida in February just before Nice's knees gave out. It seemed every shade tree along the end of town Nice could lay down under for the people who stopped to talk.
We walked back along river road until it became so overgrown we had to turn intoSayler Park. Gracely also parallels River road, with sidewalks and beautiful houses, rich with history. Long conversations and gracious people meant we didn't get all the way through to the end. We stayed in the parking area of a small apartment building between the hardware store and The old Parkland Theatre. The residents were having a cookout and we both ate well. They had burnt some hotdogs so Nice was not left out.


Jennifer&Mason said...

This is Jennifer Vandermark and Mason Harrell. We were the ones who just met you and gave you and Nice the bottle of water and walked a little bit with you. We just wanna say what your doing is amazing and hope you continue and enjoy your journey!! We enjoy reading your stories and hope to see more! Keep everyone posted on how you and Nice are doing! P.S. Nice is adorable!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I drove past and took your picture in Riverside then I sent my mom and 2 boys down to give you money and 4 bottles of water... I hope you have a safe travel.... You are doing this for a great reason.... Good luck