Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yesterday on the Road from Morrow

After the skies cleared we be began to walk to Morrow. The little town hasn't changed much since we passed there in the summer of 2007.
We have though. We walk a little slower.
There is a bar at the edge of town where we were fed before we walked up the hills overlooking Morrow all those years ago.
It burned down last week.
The small apartments over the hill where a woman took me in for a cold drink had been demolished earlier this year. She had a fascination for Cathy Bates and the movie "Misery".
The three plywood bears in someone's yard were now only two. The Momma bear was gone, leaving only the little cubs.
It's funny the things I remember.
I will write more of Morrow another day.

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Jim said...

Eric, I read your blog from downtown cincy to Morrow and wondered what happened from Norwood to Morrow. Did you drive this part or what? Glad to see you are still moving on with Nice and the world ball. Jim from Addyston.