Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 12:day one of healing

I will now stop being "cryptic" and tell yesterdays story more clearly.
I had just had breakfast with my host who had me stay with them for the night. "Rupe" had helped me and Nice(the dog) on our last five miles and his parents were kind enough to let us stay. They have two dogs so when we arrived the night before in transport with "Rupe" and his mother he took Nice from the truck and introduced the dogs.(Establishing himself as the dominant/alpha dog)The dogs got along well enough till the next morning when me and "mom" were out on the patio and "Rupe" let Nice(the dog) out of the porch where he had stayed the night. That is when their male and Nice (the dog) commenced to re establishing dominance because "Rupe" was inside. I had broken Nice (the dog) away from others before but(life changing "but") as I grabbed Nice (the dog)'s head he lunged for a better hold on my hosts dog my middle finger was wedged in the crushing molars of a biting "force of nature". The result being the quick amputation of most of the top of my middle finger. "Rupe" then rushed out and separated the "pack". (Being the established Alpha).then after a couple of chews Nice(the dog) realized he had "Dad" in his mouth,lowered his head and let the top of my finger roll onto the patio stone .Obvious to all involved...regrettable. I clinched the wound as "Rupe" and his fine new Mustang took us to the Loving care of the emergency room staff in Jasper from which I was then transported to Jewish hospital in Louisville where Kunz and Klienert (the finest orthopedics in the world) did what was best and finished the job by taking the rest of the crushed bone tip off and dressing my stub in a bandage that I must keep on until I go back on the first of June for a look-see . Then I will know better when I can continue on my walk to Kansas .
I am of the opinion things happen for a reason (beyond "keep hand clear of fighting dogs" and I will use this healing time to lighten my supply pack and clean my house so I can better maneuver the World.
So, for now, I will be posting my story with two time tables.I.e. Day12/ day one of healimg

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