Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day5 Days End

I think a review of the day since my last post is in order... Just after I wrote that the rain was letting up it stopped altogether. Of coarse I got my large plastic bag out and put it on the ground, removed all the packs, broke down the tent and put Nice's gear on. Just as I was about heft the pack on my own back it again began to drizzle. It was too late, I was committed to go so I put my ground bag over the back pack and off we went in the rain that didn't stop until night fall.Glorious
We walked through Merengo but not before being invited to talk to the cub and boy scouts at the church Stopping to eat in front of the dinner under their porch and having a parade of school teens come and get their photo shots. Many others did the same.
We made it to the church with ten minutes to spare.
Now we get to go back to my post earlier where I sais some airy fairy thing aboutg getting where I need to be just when I need to be there. A coincidence?I had to walk mostly up hill to get there in the rain. I talked to the scouts and they seemed truly glad for the experience and the photos with Nice and the Earth.Did I mention the name of the road was Goodman Ridge? Hmmmm The good Den Mother and her husband have a spare house (long story) so I am writing you from a real bed!
Who knew the day would end like this.I should sleep to be ready for the day tomorrow ,good night

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