Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day18/day seven of healing -Worldguy van-

Juggling the Dog,the world and carrying a back pack is just too simple so today I got my old work van out of moth balls (I paid up the tags and insured it again)to use as a supply vehicle when I return to the road .What I will do is ask for help by taking the van ahead of us some days travel and get a ride back to where the world is and walk to it. Then re supply or clean up when I get to it, then walk on. It is a walk of faith that I will get some willing participants in this endeavor. My cause is good and I think having a base on wheels will be helpful if I need to make a side trip, store food and water, or something like keeping the dressing clean on my healing finger
It will also give me something else to phone # is 5024085772 if you know someone who may be willing to let my supply van stay on their lot for a few days.
When I return I will re-begin at the 44 mile marker of Ind state road 64. That hopefully will be the frist week of June. My appointment to get the dressing off is the first of June.

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