Saturday, May 9, 2009


So I have said that sometimes we get help even at times when we don't realize how much we need it. Today serendipity smiled on us again.We left The cottage inn and rolled past Eckerty then up the long rise to Birds Eye which I hear is the highest point between there and St.Louis.The higher I got the stronger the wind became at our face.
When we got to Birds Eye we were interviewed by the local newspaper and after I offered to let some of the people standing there to help push the world a bit. We got two takers,cousins who enthusiastically helped push aginst the wind through town and then asked if I'd. Mind if they went along a little bit further. We never had help like this so I said yes and they ended up pushing with me to the next gas station. Little. Did I know the next gas station was miles up the road in ST. Agnes! I know I,d only be half that distance with that wind . They wore me out but it was worth it. Thanks boys!

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