Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day5 morning rain break

Good morning! I am hanging out in the tent enjoying the pitter patter of raindrops a mile or so east of Marango caves (that's what the sign said) waiting for the rain to stop. I was going to post last night but at 3am when Nice(the dog) woke up and ran out of the tent in "protect mode" I realize I had fallen asleep with the Blackberry in my hand.
I have been averaging 8 to 10 miles each day at roughly 1 mile per hour. Today I may not get to far for the rain. I am patient and have faith that I will get where I need to be at the appropriate time so this break I am catching up with friends at home, making sure things are zip-locked, and stretching my back a lttle.
I want to thank the Colglazier family for letting me camp by the entrance to their home and for all the hospitality they showed me. Troy does some fine craft with horseshoe art and is a Farrier.And thanks for the generous check to the American Diabetes Association too.
This rain is getting a bit stronger now and is beginning to lull me to sleep.I worked, planned, prayed and meditated for this journey for the past two years and now the love comes back in this soothing rain. I can't resist...zZzzZzz

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