Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day11 Bully Coyote

Yesterday my little plan of taking it easy was just about in the can marked success. We had just entered Pike Co.,met the local police had an interview and a picnic lunch with the obligatory "my life story" as table conversation and were gearing up at the mouth of the driveway when a force of nature pulled up in a new black Mustang.. The man inside is a Iraq veteran and had to see what I was doing. But moreover it seems he was concerned with Nice (the dog)who was looking pitiful with is pack swaying from side to side as he walked. After telling my quest to "Rupe" he offered to go get his ruck and boots and take Nice (the dogs) pack and a portion of mine and walk with us.

When he returned in fatigues we loaded these things in "Rupe's" ruck and he, just like Saturday pushed my limits walking with enthusiasm and twenty one year old youth (military trained youth) .We doubled our. " Lite day" goal of 5 miles.
Here's the funny part..Nice (the coyote) turned into a jumping, pulling playfully on the leash. Yes, your humble narrator and "Rupe" fooled us,tricked us, perpetrated a fraud. He had been looking like a dog in pergatory, on his last legs,and a bum leg at that.

So this morning I am putting my fate in the hands of our nations finest who will be with us again today.

Gotta' go.

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