Monday, May 4, 2009

Day three ends clean and friskie

This morning I got up and sewed up the hole in my pocket.It tore out from the change I took with me.(A no-no on long hikes)just as I made camp last night. Then hung the clothes line and air dried what I could while packing up to leave.It had just stopped raining.
After we got going I remembered that walking against traffic is safer The day went well from then on.After awhile I was interviewed by the reporter from the Corydon Democrat. The day became even better when we stopped for a bit at lunch and talked to the Harrison co. Sherrif who obliged to frisk Nice so I could plaster it on the internet! It is on my FB page.
I finished the day cleaning up and having dinner with a wonderfully nice family who have let me camp in their yard. I can hardly keep my eyes open now except to ssy "Thankyou all for supporting me."

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