Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day9 Small world (I think I may use that title often)

I made a mistake last night after it became dark. I rolled the world down a steep embankment where it looked like the small city I was leaving had mowed the tall grass. I threw my tent up and had just lay my head down when a car pulls up a drive that I had not seen and honked. A woman said I was camping in her front yard and had to leave, she was calling her husband and the police. To keep this short after we moved up the road a bit the sherrif gave me a Dubois Co. Jr deputy sherriff badge and the woman sent a Lb. Bag of sliced turkey over with him. Apparently she volunteers for Diabetes fund raisers herself.So now I have some sort of clearance thru the Co. and am thinking it more serendipity than a mistake.

I am entering Sprint pcs no signal land but will do my best over the next days to find a sweet spot to post.

Thanks again to "Dipity" and "Seren" who helped me against the wind yesterday (Mark and Andrew)
Again also thanks to those who have found it in their hearts to give support to the diabetes cause by their generous donations to The American Diabetes Association during our journeys.

Still walking with Love in my heart, Erik

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