Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day6 The good people of Indiana

I began my day of walking after a restful night at the good Mormons home (Thank you for your more than generous hospitality) to find a couple beginning their days work on a new fence row at the end of the drive who had been talking to each other about me just before I came up. They were happy to see me and wished me luck. In two and a half hours I talked to fifty or so passers by and was in English having a fine lunch. Then went to the CVS and transferred the Donations I had into a money order for the American Diabetes Association. Before I left the parking lot I began receiving more.Really before I left the counter I began receiving more. I can't tell you how good people are. At every turn their smiles and conversation reinforce that what I have begun is worth all the pain and sweat.
Make no mistake I would gladly trad all I have done to have had my Mother be here today. She was a public servant who cared for many yet failed to do what was nesessary to manage her diabetes. I think what she could have done above her many accomplishments had she lived.

Back to the walk...the days clouds broke into a beautiful sunny afternoon. The hills were long and at the top of each rise the westward wind pushed against the world.I tacked from side to side enjoying the challenge. To those who would apologize for stopping me to talk or take a picture of Nice (the dog) I would say I welcome the rrst and it truly is a joy to talk to so many different people,to see them smile.
We made it to Tazwell and are camped on the hill in the grveyard above the church. When we got here twenty poeople showed up to wish us well one man and his toddler who we had talked to twice today brought me a most welcome gift.A gallon of warm water.... .

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