Tuesday, May 5, 2009

day4 Relax and enjoy!

It was bound to happen some where along the way that some people would complain that the world was getting in the way and the Harrison county patrol man was obliged to inform me the parameters of the statutes in the area of roadside obstructions. At no time whatsoever is the world to break the edge of the fog line(white line). I see this as a good thing, a blessing from a power greater than myself if you will. Now I can walk at a much more relaxed pace in the grass, the swails and the trenches. Making sure not commit an arrest able offense while enjoying a much more relaxed pace albeit arduous.So if you are following my progress just understand I will get there sometime. This gives me longer toconversate with the fine residents of Harrison County Indiana, (please refer to yesterdays picture of the fine treatment my dog Nice received on my Facebook page)

Walking with love and a smile,Erik

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Anna Keibler said...

I just want to say you're quite amazing! Thanks for bringing your cause to our little towns! :)