Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day13/day two of healing

I have been doing what I was told by the Doctors, keeping my hand elevated above my heart, moving the other fingers, not lifting anything with my right hand and keeping it bagged and dry when I went to the shower. Today I went to the health food store and got collegen, minerals and protein shake plus I am loading up on Emergen-C . That should help the healing process so I can get back on the road.
This time may allow the rains of spring to pass though the heat will then be a factor. When we walked to Pittsburgh it was during late July and August of '07 so we have experience at that.
The nurses in the O.R. Were impressed at my positive attitude while having surgery as I could not have anesthesia because I had a big breakfast. They wanted to know my secret, and wondered how my heart rate was 45 bpm during this. I believe it is a fine example. That even a fat (overweight) 47 year old can stay healthy with excersize, diet , sleep and keeping stress low.I am.not walking for diabtetes awareness for just donations. Perhaps this may inspire activity for those at risk.

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