Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back from Vacation

We walked hundreds of mile from Fort Lauderdale Florida into Georgia and through historic Savannah. All the way I passed locales people flock to year round to get away, to relax, to avoid the cold weather, to visit history and take in the natural beauty of the south east. I am walking to coax people to action for their health and the well being of the ones they love; walking to help the cause of awareness for diabetes. Yes, I hope some will find their way to give to diabetes research and management organizations. Moreover, I wish to inspire everyone to be more active so they can prevent diabetic onset or control it better with exercise. Whether you live and work in the beautiful getaways or are on vacation, a little athletics goes a long way.
I took a little time to enjoy a visit with my son. We went for a walk. Now that I have returned to South Carolina I came back further north than from where I left because I like the cooler weather so here I sit close to the ocean somewhere in Myrtle Beach. The Dogwoods are beginning to bloom here, as they are in Savannah, and spring is just around the corner. I have twelve days to walk north from this part of the coast. Where I end is determimed by the wind, the weather and the people I meet. From there I will return to my home and take care of spring chores and business then wake up and get back to the work. Spring chores, my vacation.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I meet you and your dog, Nice while walking on the beach this morning in Myrtle Beach. We enjoyed listening to your stories about your journey, your purpose and thank you for agreeing to a picture. Safe travels!