Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If not you...

Diabetes is a global tragedy, if it does not effect you then ask yourself if it effects someone you love. If so, do something.
Your choice Georgia!

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Anonymous said...

The topic of what causes we support came up on my mom's group and I said that diabetes awareness is very close to my heart. A mom posted this link to your blog and this post really touched me. I lost my dad to complications from diabetes and I've always cared about the cause but I haven't done much for it. You stated simply that we should do something, that I should do something. Diabetes has changed my life forever because my dad had it. It forced me to grow up at a young age as I watched my father suffer from complications for 6 years before loosing the fight. It made me love him harder and appreciate the value of life at an age earlier than most. It is time to stop hating this disease for taking my dad and it is time to DO SOMETHING to help those that fight the same fight. thanks for doing what you do.