Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nice (the dog) has his way.

This morning we started a bit later than I wanted. I just couldn't force the dog to get out of his comfortable spot in the van. I would put a couple treats in his food bucket, he'd eat them and jump back in. We walked miles and he never once played with the leash and since it was sunny he was laying down in every shade spot I got close to. When the good woman at the edge of Darian said we could stay on her lot tonight rather than make the ten mile run to "the four way stop" in the next town I was glad to take a short day, if only for Nice (the dog) who quickly fell asleep on the porch of the second hand store -Use it Again and Again-. I got a ride back to Muddcat Charlie's and took a quick and oh-so-cold shower in their bathhouse and made it back to the world to patch and touch it up. There are a lot of seams that are needing patched after thousands of miles. It is a fragile world, made only of canvas and a rubber bladder, after all
When I added the days I have walked and the miles traveled we have two full days of grace even after our early afternoon stop today. I am sure glad Georgia is so friendly to us. It still feels like home after forty three years since my family moved to Kentucky from the great state of Georgia. 'Nuff said.

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