Thursday, February 10, 2011

Into the Heart of Jacksonville and over the St. John's River

Wednesday started cool and sunny. I received a set of boots for Nice (the dog) and a pair of boots for myself thanks to our friend Lisa in Maryland, Bruce who is a Fireman in Ft. Pierce and his father who is retired from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, he received them and brought them to me early in the morning. I am always humbled by the good in people I meet. After a few necessary patches on the world an our reboot we made our way into downtown Jacksonville. An off duty policeman and his little daughter found our best route over the St. John's river and I had the pleasure of balancing the world atop the three foot high 'jersey' barrier wall of the Acosta bridge into North Jax'. With the help of the local firemen who found us a safe place to park the van and the help of a sweet woman and her two lovely daughters who brought me home made cookies. I was whisked back to get the van while it was still light.
It rained through the night and is expected to stop and clear out this afternoon. I am about to get on my way heading north on 17 toward Georgia.
Have great day!


Hilary said...

i just saw you outside of uptown market on main street. happy travels and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are still at it. Met you several summers ago on the Pikes Peak trail.